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Declarations of regulatory compliance along the supply chain: how to answer clients requests?

In 2015, the list of substances included in the European directive ROHS II faced a significant increase number of substances  from 6 to 10, with the addition of 4 phthalates. This directive, named ROHS III, comes into enforced on July 22, 2019.


Many companies have already anticipated this evolution. In particular, they have established several regulatory compliance processes that go far beyond the scope of the simple ROHS Directive.


The strict control of the substances in the SVHC Candidate List is keypoint for your compliance and allow to punctuate the frequency of compliance certificate requests.. However, specific requests can also arise: compliance with the California Proposition 65 list, the drinking water quality, ROHS China ...


How to ensure your compliance? What are the obligations to answer and declare its compliance, even when it came from an obligation transfer of these compliance requests?



  • Enforcement of ROHS III

  • SVHC candidate list evolution

  • Reminder: Regulatory compliance and its obligations

  • Compliance declaration request using transfer of obligations: the example of ROHS China and Proposition 65

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Christian FRENEUIL

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Jeudi 4 Avril 2019

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