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Swoosh!!! Accelerating to a new normal in sport
Swoosh!!! Accelerating to a new normal in sport

Swoosh!!! Accelerating to a new normal in sport

emlyon business school is introducing a series of 10 webinars titled "How is the current situation accelerating transformations ?", presented by 10 professors-researchers from emlyon business school.

6th webinar :  Accelerating to a new normal in sport, by Simon Chadwick, Professor and Director of Eurasian Sport.

At the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic, many elite professional sports were immediately affected as games, events and competitions were postponed or cancelled. The immediate reaction amongst some observers was to see this as a reset moment for sport, an opportunity to return to a time when fans were more important and commercial influence was less significant. However, the reset moment was only one of a number of scenarios facing sport and, indeed, as the year has progressed a new normal has emerged. This has several characteristics, of which an acceleration in emergent trends has taken place alongside a concentration of industrial power allied to a strengthening of both corporate and state-led influence in sport. This webinar will examine what sport’s new normal looks like, and address the implications of it for the sport industry. 

This emlyon business school webinar will last 1 hour. It will begin with a 20-min presentation, followed by a Q&A session with the speaker.

L’organisateur du webinar pourra utiliser les coordonnées des participants, pour leur communiquer des informations commerciales liées à son activité professionnelle. Pour en savoir plus, s’y opposer ou exercer vos droits, voir leur Politique de confidentialité ci-dessous :
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Simon ChadwickProfessor of Eurasian Sportemlyon business school

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